r/fantasy 2021 Book Bingo

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Starts: Thursday, 01 April 2021

Ends: Thursday, 31 March 2022

Fantasy Book Bingo is a yearly reading challenge within the r/fantasy community. Its one-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out authors and books, to boldly go where few readers have gone before....(okay, a lot of us have gone here by now, just roll with it!)

The core of this challenge is all about encouraging folks to step out of their comfort zones, discover new and amazing reads, and motivate everyone to keep up on their reading throughout the next year.

Official reddit thread. - See for more details and resources.

1. You can’t use the same book for multiple prompts.
2. You may not repeat an author on the card EXCEPT: you may reuse an author from your short story square elsewhere on the card.
3. You can only use ONE square for a re-read--all other books must be first time reads.
4. You may substitute ONE square from the 2020 card with a square from a previous r/fantasy bingo card.
5. For an extra challenge/bragging rights you can complete hard mode on any or all of the prompts.
6. To complete hero mode,  review EVERY book that you read for bingo. 

Challenge prompts

1. Five SFF Short Stories (77 books added)

Any short story as long as there are five of them.

HARD MODE: Read an entire SFF anthology or collection. 

2. Set in Asia (49 books added)

Any book set in Asia or an analogous fantasy setting that is based on a real-world Asian setting.

HARD MODE: Written by an Asian author. 

3. A Selection from the r/Fantasy A to Z Genre Guide (74 books added)

Any book listed in our A to Z Genre Guide.

HARD MODE: A book by a BIPOC author. 

4. Found Family (74 books added)

Or as TV Tropes calls it - Family of Choice. Often not biologically related, these relationships in a group typically form through bonds of shared experiences and become as important (in some cases more) as family members.

HARD MODE: Featuring an LGBTQ+ character as a member of the found family. 

5. First Person POV (77 books added)

defined as: a literary style in which the narrative is told from the perspective of a narrator speaking directly about themselves. Link for examples.

HARD MODE: There is more than one perspective, but each perspective is written in First Person. 

6. Book Club OR Readalong Book (53 books added)

Any past or still active r/Fantasy book clubs count, as well as past or current r/Fantasy readalongs. NOTE: All of the current book club info can also be found on our Goodreads page. Every book added to our Goodreads shelf counts.

HARD MODE: Must read a current selection of either a book club or readalong and participate in the discussion. 

7. New to You Author (138 books added)

This would be an author whose work you've yet to read, meaning no novel, no novella, no short fiction, etc.

HARD MODE: Not only have you never read their work before but you've not heard much about this author or their work before deciding to try a book by them. 

8. Gothic Fantasy (47 books added)

Gothic Fantasy is similar to Gothic Fiction but it includes fantasy elements or settings. Gothic Fiction is "a style of writing that is characterized by elements of fear, horror, death, and gloom, as well as romantic elements, such as nature, individuality, and very high emotion. These emotions can include fear and suspense." (Source) Here is a good 'introductory post' on Gothic Fantasy for further reading from Book Riot.

HARD MODE: NOT one of the ten titles listed in the Book Riot article. 

9. Backlist Book (84 books added)

For our purposes we're considering 'backlist' an author's older titles that are not their latest published book or part of a currently running series (no further sequels announced when you read it). The author must also be a currently publishing author.

HARD MODE: Published before the year 2000. 

10. Revenge-Seeking Character (57 books added)

Book has a character whose main motivation in the story is revenge.

HARD MODE: Revenge is central to the plot of the entire book. 

11. Mystery Plot (65 books added)

The main plot of the book centers around solving a mystery.

HARD MODE: Not a primary world Urban Fantasy (secondary world urban fantasy is okay!) 

12. Comfort Read (75 books added)

This is one of those 'personal to you' squares. Any book that brings you comfort while reading it. You can use a reread on this square and it WON'T count for your '1 reread'.

HARD MODE: Don't use a reread, find a brand new comfort read! 

13. Published in 2021 (57 books added)

A book published for the first time in 2021 (no reprints or new editions).

HARD MODE: It's also a debut novel--as in it's the author's first published novel. 

14. Cat Squasher: 500+ Pages (81 books added)

Time to go tome hunting--find a book that is over 500 pages in length.

HARD MODE: Lion Squasher - a book that is over 800 pages. 

15. SFF-Related Nonfiction (36 books added)

Back by popular demand! Any nonfiction book that is related to SFF. Could be a book about the history of something in SFF, writing SFF, essays from a SFF writer, etc.

HARD MODE: Published within the last five years. 

16. Latinx or Latin American Author (30 books added)

Author is from Latin America or of Latinx/Hispanic heritage.

HARD MODE: Book has fewer than 1000 Goodreads ratings. 

17. Self-Published (50 books added)

Only self-published novels will count for this square. If the novel has been picked up by a publisher as long as you read it when it was self-pubbed it will still count.

HARD MODE: Self-pubbed and has fewer than 50 ratings on Goodreads. 

18. Forest Setting (40 books added)

This setting must be used be for a good portion of the book.

HARD MODE: The entire book takes place in this setting.

19. Genre Mashup (83 books added)

A book that utilizes major elements from two or more genres. Examples: a romance set in a fantasy world, a book that combines science fiction and fantasy, etc.

HARD MODE: Three or more genres are combined. 

20. Has Chapter Titles (85 books added)

A book where each chapter has a title (other than numbers or just a character's name).

HARD MODE: Chapter title is more than a single word. 

21. Title: _____ of _____ (93 books added)

The title of the book must feature the format X of Y. Example: The Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier.

HARD MODE: _____ of ______ and ________. Format of title must be X of Y and Z. 

22. First Contact (36 books added)

From Wikipedia: Science Fiction about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life, or of any sentient species' first encounter with another one, given they are from different planets or natural satellites.

HARD MODE: War does not break out as a result of contact. 

23. Trans or Nonbinary Character (54 books added)

A book featuring a trans or nonbinary character that isn't an alien or a robot.

HARD MODE: This character is a main protagonist. 

24. Debut Author (90 books added)

An author's debut novel or novella.

HARD MODE: The author has participated in an AMA. AMA List linked here. 

25. Witches (56 books added)

A book featuring witches. Note - characters practicing what is traditionally in their culture referred to as witchcraft would also count. For example brujos or brujas would count for this square.

HARD MODE: A witch is a main protagonist.