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 Just a compilation of trans and queer middle grade novels for healing our collective inner child, also middle grade novels are just great so why not! I based this on lists on, so as a tertiary source I probably messed up some categorizations , reach out to me on kepler.444b on instagram to let me know and I'll fix it! And although this isn't a challenge, please feel free to to add your own books that you've read :)

  • "Middle Grade" novels are books intended for the age range 8-12 (but anybody can read them of course)
  • I personally consider an LGBTQ+ book to be one where the main (or one main) character is trans and/or queer, no books featuring a queer character coming out in the middle of a series or a cis/het character who just has a bunch of queer friends
  • 'Sapphic/M-Spec Main Character(s)' and 'Achillean/M-Spec Main Character(s)' exist to include both characters that express attraction towards the same/similar gender without an explicit self-labeling as gay/lesbian and characters that are explicitly shown to be attracted to multiple genders (ex: bi, pan, etc.,)

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