The “emotion” based challenge

Hosted by blebor6

11 participants, 131 books added

Starts: Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

A book challenge based on emotions that anyone can join at their will. 

Challenge prompts

1. Forgotten (12 books added)

A book with a character that was forgotten, a forgotten book, a book you read when you felt forgotten. 

2. Cherished (11 books added)

A book you cherish, a book that you read when you feel cherished, a book with a cherished character.

3. Successful (10 books added)

A book about success, a book you read and felt successful after it, a book with a successful character. 

4. Tragic (10 books added)

A tragic book, a book about a tragedy, a book with a tragic character. 

5. Amused (10 books added)

A funny book, a book with an amusing character, a book with an amusing plot. 

6. Strong (12 books added)

A strong book, a book that makes you feel strong, a book with a strong character. 

7. Guilty (8 books added)

A guilty read, a book about guilty, a book with a guilty character. 

8. Compassionate (13 books added)

A book about compassion, a book with a compassionate character.

9. Helpful (12 books added)

A helpful book, a book with a helpful character, a nonfiction book. 

10. Inventive (6 books added)

A book about a invention, a book that makes you feel inventive, a book with an inventive character.