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You can start and finish this challenge whenever you like!

SUPER broad prompts. Best for gargantuan TBRs with mostly fiction but you non-fiction lovelies can give it a shot too, of course. :)

Some of these prompts will be very specific to YOU! (Ex. Your name, your birth year, your high school) So other people's added books might not be a very helpful in that department. After all, each of you are special little snowflakes.

Challenge prompts

A book published in your birth year (13 books added)

Or within two years, I can’t even follow my own rules. Organize your list by publication year and go from there.

A collection of poetry (15 books added)

Extra points if it has a deliciously pretentious and beautiful title. Can be a novel written in verse.

A book by an author with the same last initial as you (25 books added)

Ex. If your last name is Clarkson, read a book by Suzanne Collins. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

LGBTQ+ (19 books added)

For all my fruity cuties. <3

A book with a one-word title (27 books added)

One is the loneliest number. Give ‘em some love.

A book that’s part of a series you haven’t finished (13 books added)

I’m projecting, I have, like, five unfinished series. Don’t you want to find out how it ends???

A mythological retelling (12 books added)

‘Cause that would be so godly of you.

Something with a funny mood (25 books added)

Laughter is the best medicine.

A book with a bird or a reptile on the cover (18 books added)

Dragons and phoenixes and all those mythical things DEF count!!

A book by John Green (4 books added)

Idk he sounds smart, I dig his brother’s TikTok content.