Read Your Shelves 2022

Hosted by caitlinsbooks

90 participants, 476 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

Join me to clear your shelves once more! (Or just to read the books you've already bought... Or any books you like really...)

Challenge prompts

1. The next book in a series (71 books added)

You might have forgotten what's happened so far, but that's what reviews are for! (Or you could re-read the previous book... I'm not sure I will though)

2. The highest rated/most loved book on your shelves (45 books added)

Alternatively, it could be a book that has the most total ratings, or a book that lots of people you know love!

3. A nature book (45 books added)

Fiction or Non-Fiction is okay here. It could have some form of nature on the cover, or a 'nature word' on the cover.

4. A book you bought in hardcover which is now in paperback (40 books added)

Bringing this one back for 2022 because I have a terrible habit of doing this... Alternatively, you could choose a book proof (physical or ebook) which has now been released.

6. A book you've left a bookmark in... (51 books added)

Do you remember when you left the bookmark in there? Maybe not! You should probably start from the beginning...

7. Any biography you like! (41 books added)

I have a terrible habit of picking up biographies and then not reading them... If you don't have any then choose any non-fiction book you like.

8. A book by an author with the same first or second initial as you. (80 books added)

For example mine could be:
First initial C - Cassandra Clare
Second initial M - Erin Morgenstern

9. A book you cannot remember buying (42 books added)

Maybe not everyone is guilty of this, but I definitely have a few books which seem to have been on my shelf forever... Now is the time to give them a read!

10. A book that you have to donate/sell/loan once you've read it (43 books added)

This is a sneaky extra prompt... If you end up loving the book, you can loan it to a friend so you don't lose it forever!