Trans Rights Readathon 2024

Hosted by notsobinaryart

1380 participants, 1588 books added

Starts: Friday, 22 March 2024

Ends: Tuesday, 31 December 2024

Trans Rights Readathon celebrates its second year with a book bingo and accompanying Storygraph reading challenge. Try reading five books in any row, column, or across to be entered into a prize pool. More info will be announced as things are finalized.

Any form or way of reading counts as reading – audiobooks, graphic novels, they all count towards a bingo!

For this challenge, a book can count if it has a trans author or a trans main character. When considering what to read, we do ask you to prioritize trans voices, but please do not make an author out themselves in your search to do so.

Trans Day of Visibility is an annual call to action to readers and book lovers in support of Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) on March 31. This year’s Trans Rights Readathon will take place from Friday, March 22 to Friday, March 29, 2024.

Challenge Prompts