Pride Month 2022 Challenge

Hosted by neoprincex

67 participants, 221 books added

Starts: Wednesday, 01 June 2022

Ends: Thursday, 30 June 2022

For Pride month 2022 let's try and diversify our queer literature. All books should be by queer authors, about queer protagonists, or about queer issues. The prompts then add an additional qualifier. 
You can use one book for as many prompts as you like. The first 4 prompts need to be completed for the challenge, while the 2 Bonus prompts are for the quick readers, those that find books to fit multiple prompts or whoever feels like it.  

Happy reading and happy pride folks.🌈🥳

Challenge prompts

1. Written by a queer BIPOC author. (55 books added)

2. A book written before you were born. (29 books added)

Note it can be published at a later date, as unfortunately queer literature was heavily censored and still continues to be so in many countries. 

3. A book in which the protagonist identifies with a label you don't self identify with. (80 books added)

For example, if you identify as a lesbian you can read a book about a gay men.

5. A book with a happy ending. (44 books added)

Because we have too few of them. 

6. A non-fiction book with a queer subject matter. (41 books added)

Can be anywhere from historical to autobiographical.