Q4 - A Dash of Diversity

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Starts: Tuesday, 01 October 2024

Ends: Tuesday, 31 December 2024

Make reading diversely a habit
The goal of this challenge is to help readers increase the percentage of diverse book they’re reading.

Diversify about 50% of your 2024 reads
Whether you read 2 books a year or 100, let’s diversify about half of your reads in 2024.
This is about more than just race. Let’s also read books by disabled authors and people of different orientations and religions!

There are prompts for every quarter - this challenge is to get you in the habit of reaching for a diverse book, no matter the mood.

This is just a guideline!
This challenge is meant to be a starting point! Don’t feel pressured to read 9 books a month, but use the prompts to help you critically think and be more aware of the media you’re consuming through 2024!

Whether the prompt says so or not, please make sure you’re checking who the author is and what they’re writing about - this is not the year to only read diverse characters written by straight, able, White authors.

Recommendations & Features
I’ll be posting recs on my Instagram stories and feed to help highlights books for each category! If you have any recommendations of your own, feel free to send them to me and/or post about them yourself using the challenge hashtag #ADashOfDiversity.

I’m so excited to see what you’re all reading and excited to hear all your bookish thoughts! 

Challenge Prompts