Jae's Sapphic Book Bingo 2022

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41 participants, 328 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

The Sapphic Book Bingo is a fun, year-long event for readers of sapphic fiction. It runs from January 1 to December 31, 2022. You can join any time you want.

Note: I'm not the creator of this challenge. It's created and run by Jae. I just copy/pasted this from her.

Read the full rules or get the bingo card on Jae's site here:

I'll add Jae's posts to the prompts as she posts them. Have fun and happy reading!

Challenge prompts

1. Favorite trope (52 books added)

Read a sapphic book that contains your favorite romance trope. A trope is a common theme, plot, or character type, e.g., ice queen character, second-chance romance, workplace romance, friends-to-lovers romance, etc. Check out the original post here.

2. Award-winning book (15 books added)

Read a sapphic book that won a literary award such as a Golden Crown Literary Society Award (Goldie), a Rainbow Award, a Lambda Literary Award, or any other award.

3. Disaster (4 books added)

Read a sapphic book in which a natural or man-made disaster plays an important role, e.g., an earthquake, a hurricane, a plane crash, etc.

4. Sports romance (10 books added)

Read a sapphic book featuring a main character who’s an athlete or otherwise involved in a sport, e.g., a coach, physical therapist, etc. The sports setting needs to be essential to the book, not just be mentioned in passing a couple of times.

5. Author’s pick (6 books added)

Choose an author and have them suggest one of their books to you. If you are too shy to email an author and ask, wait until I post my list of 175 authors and the books they want you to read.

6. Full-time writer (8 books added)

Read a sapphic book by an author who writes full-time.

7. Established couple (9 books added)

Read a sapphic book that features an established couple—the characters already need to be together at the beginning of the book.

8. Fake relationship romance (16 books added)

Read a sapphic book in which the two main characters pretend to be in a relationship with each other.

9. Free book (7 books added)

Traditionally, this is the “free choice” square, but I thought I’d spice it up by having you read a book that you got for free. Many authors have a free story for you to download on their website (you’ll find mine here) or send one to readers who sign up to their newsletter. I’ll post a huge list of free books for you to download in April.

10. Out of your comfort zone (3 books added)

Read a sapphic book that is a bit—or a lot—out of your reading comfort zone. It could be a genre or trope you don’t usually read, or you could try a new format, e.g., an audiobook if you don’t usually listen to them.