Diversify yo' bookshelf bingo 2021

Hosted by foreverinastory

72 participants, 1202 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

This is the bingo challenge made by @diversify.yo.bookshelf on Instagram!  The post is here!

Greetings, everyone! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR. We hope 2021 will treat us better.

And second: welcome to DIVERSIFY YO' BOOKSHELF BINGO 2021!!!!!

Quite a mouthful, we must admit.🤣😅 Some of you may know, some of you may not but Nuša created a Diversity Bingo 2020 (inspired by Diversity Bingo 2017 - original creators are listed below) and of course we wanted to do one for 2021 as well (but with a lil' name change😁). So, do you share our new year resolution of reading more diverse books? Then this is the bingo for you.☺️

It's pretty obvious how this works but just in case we'll explain: the goal is to cover all 36 squares by the end of 2021. You find a book that matches a prompt (different book for each prompt), you read said book and check off the square the book matches. And that's it! 😁 We encourage you to pick up Own Voices books! Also, support your local bookstores!! But most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!

If you'll participate, please use #DYBBingo2021 & tag us so we can see and share your progress! 😁 If you're struggling to find the right book for a prompt, you can always check out our themed recommendations posts (we already have some up, but our plan is to post recommendations for each prompt).☺️

Just in case you don't know what these mean:
✨MC = main character 
✨BIPOC = Black, Indigenous and person of color
✨SFF= science fiction & fantasy
✨Own Voices = authors from marginalized groups writing about their own experience/from their own perspective (i. e. a Black author writes about a Black character) 

Inspired by Diversity Bingo 2020 which was inspired by Diversity Bingo 2017 created by @/novelparadise, @/headinherbooks, @/thesebooklions, @/thebooksbuzz, @/rhaegardied, @/ohbrekker, @/aimalfarooq, @/bookwormwanders and @/theauslibrary on Twitter 

Challenge prompts

1. Trans MC (36 books added)

2. SFF with a LGBTQ+ MC (50 books added)

3. 3+ LGBTQ+ Cast (64 books added)

4. Asexual MC (21 books added)

5. Refugee/Immigrant MC (30 books added)

6. Middle Grade with BIPOC MC (26 books added)

7. SFF with BIPOC MC (47 books added)

8. Black MC (63 books added)

9. Visually Impaired MC (13 books added)

10. Free Choice (41 books added)

11. Graphic Novel with a BIPOC MC (19 books added)

12. MC with Mental Illness (45 books added)

13. Biracial MC (30 books added)

14. Thriller/MC with a BIPOC MC (13 books added)

15. Nonbinary MC (22 books added)

16. Poetry by BIPOC Author (20 books added)

17. Latinx MC (31 books added)

18. Deaf/Hard of Hearing MC (12 books added)

19. LGBTQ+ BIPOC MC (51 books added)

20. Fat MC (21 books added)

21. LGBTQ+ Retelling (19 books added)

22. Hijabi MC (15 books added)

23. 2021 Own voices release (32 books added)

24. Gay MC (49 books added)

25. SFF with disabled MC (16 books added)

26. Jewish MC (33 books added)

27. Graphic Novel with LGBTQ+ MC (30 books added)

28. BIPOC on the Cover (82 books added)

29. Indigenous MC (21 books added)

30. Memoir by a BIPOC Author (26 books added)

31. Lesbian MC (32 books added)

32. MC with a chronic illness (23 books added)

33. Non-Western Fantasy (33 books added)

34. Asian MC (56 books added)

36. Bisexual MC (41 books added)