The StoryGraph Onboarding 2020 Reading Challenge

Hosted by thestorygraph

1859 participants, 3909 books added

Starts: Wednesday, 01 January 2020

Ends: Thursday, 31 December 2020

The StoryGraph is still in beta and so developing the onboarding flow for a new user isn’t our priority just yet. However, we do want everyone to be aware of all of the fun features we have on offer.

Editor, Librarian, and reading challenge enthusiast, Tam (if you’re a polyglot, definitely check out her Second Language challenge), came up with the genius idea of developing a reading challenge to help people explore the site.

And so that’s what we’ve done.

Below you’ll find 12 prompts that’ll help you play around with different features on the site. If you complete the challenge you’ll have a good sense of everything The StoryGraph has to offer and be well-placed to provide feedback to help us improve the website.

And for when you do have feedback, either drop us an email or click on the ‘Help’ button below on the bottom-right of your screen.

Have fun exploring!

Challenge prompts

1. Read a book that you find using the filter that has three moods attached to it (460 books added)

For example, a book is labeled ‘adventurous’, ‘inspiring’, and ‘sad’.

2. Read a book that you find using the filter that has two moods attached and excludes a genre (330 books added)

For example, a book labeled ‘challenging’ and ‘mysterious’, and when you searched you chose to exclude the ‘Fantasy’ genre.

4. Read a book that someone suggested for any of the Reading Women Challenge prompts (245 books added)

If you go onto the Reading Women Challenge page and click one of the prompts, you’ll see all the books that participants have added to that challenge.

Don’t feel like reading any of the books suggested for any of the prompts? Join the challenge and add a book to a prompt yourself!

5. Reread one of your five-star reads (372 books added)

Can you find where your five-star reads are listed?

If you don’t have any five-star reads, reread a book that comes close.

Or if you don’t feel like rereading, choose a five-star read from somebody else in the community.

6. Read a book that exactly fits another member’s preferred book (248 books added)

On the profile page, each person has a short paragraph that describes to you the kind of book they like, including the moods, page number, pace, and whether the book is fiction or nonfiction.

Find a book that matches every single characteristic of any user that you choose.

Make sure that your chosen user doesn’t read exactly the same sorts of books you do!

7. Read a book that you’d normally want to remove from the Browse Books page (295 books added)

This prompt is to help you try something new!

On the Browse Books page if you see a book or author you’re not interested in, you can hit one of the little cross signs so we don’t show you those books ever again when you’re filtering. (These books will still show up if you do a direct search.)

8. Read one of your 5 oldest To-Read books (394 books added)

Your To-Read Pile is ordered by date added, with the book at the top being the one you added most recently!

9. Read a book corresponding to your most-preferred mood (538 books added)

Check out your Stats page and see which mood takes up the most space in your ‘Read’ moods pie chart.