Read With Fey 2022: Challenge For Writers

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Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

Created by Chrys Fey from, the Read With Fey challenge is for writers at all levels. The goal is to read *10 non-fiction books for writers during 2022.

Challenge Starts: January 1, 2022
Challenge Ends: December 31, 2022
Goal: Read *10 books for writers by the end of the year.

*Are 10 books too many? Set your own goal! While the three bonus prompts are optional, by reading one book per bonus prompt, you will technically have the challenge on The StoryGraph completed. ;)

Which Books? Any books for writers! The books can be about marketing, publishing, the craft of writing, basically any non-fiction book that’d be useful to you as a writer. All formats (eBook, print, audio), re-reads, library borrows. It all counts!

For ideas on what to read, check out Chrys Fey’s Books for Writers list on by clicking here.

Hashtags for social media: #ReadWithFey #ReadWithFey2022

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