Cup of Tea's Classics Challenge 2021

Hosted by tabby2920

19 participants, 74 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

If you are trying to read more classic novels like I am, then this is the reading challenge for you!

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Challenge prompts

1. Read a classic over 500 pages (4 books added)

2. Read a classic ghost story (1 book added)

9. A book from an anonymous author (2 books added)

10. A classic nonfiction book (6 books added)

11. A Virago Modern Classic (3 books added)

12. Welsh Women's Classics (1 book added)

Here is the complete catalogue of the Welsh Women's classics for books to help complete prompt:  Welsh Women’s Classics – Honno Press.

13. Irish Classic (1 book added)

14. Japanese Classic (1 book added)

15. Read a modern classic (6 books added)

16. British Library Crime Classics (3 books added)

  Here is the complete catalogue of the British Library Crime Classics series for books to help complete prompt: Crime Classics - British Library Online Shop ( 

17. Spanish Classic Novel (1 book added)

19. A classic by an author new to you (9 books added)

20. A humorous or satirical classic. (4 books added)