Psych Reading Challenge

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Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

A collection of reading challenges based on the acclaimed comedy television show Psych! But, given that all cops are bastards, we recognize the faults of the cop setting of the show while still loving the comedy and magnificent characters this show provided.

Challenge prompts

1. Santa Barbara Police - An ACAB Nonfiction Novel (8 books added)

First up, to make sure we acknowledge that this lovely show is set at a police precinct, read a book that educates you on the problems with how  police works in America and police brutality. ACAB! This can be a book on defunding the police, a memoir about someone who has experienced police brutality, whatever you want as long as it helps educate you.

2. I Know You Know That I'm Not Telling the Truth - Read a Book with "Lies/Lying/Liar" in the Title (6 books added)

Shawn Spencer, our boy, is lying about his psychic abilities. The book you choose should have a title with "lie" or any of its iterations in the title. If you REALLY find nothing that works with the word that you want to read, you can change this to be a book that centers around lying or features lying as a prominent plot point.

3. My Name is Shawn Spencer, and This is My Associate, Jazz-Hands - Read a Book With Mistaken Identity (7 books added)

How many names has Gus been introduced as? So many. Read a book that relies on someone using a different identity.

4. You Heard About Pluto? That's Messed Up, Right? - Read a Book Set In Space (6 books added)

We love Gus' best pickup line. Read a book in space in honors of Gus' many failed attempts at winning over women.

5. Spot the Pineapple - Read a Book With Easter Eggs (6 books added)

One of the fun things about Psych is looking for the pineapple in each episode. Read a book that has hidden elements you're searching to find.

6. Suck it! (Shawn and Gus) - Read a Book With a Dynamic Duo (3 books added)

Ah, Shawn and Gus, what an iconic friendship. To celebrate this iconic friendship, read a book with a dynamic duo of some sort.

7. Since I've Met You, I've Been Thinking About Buying a Car (Shules) - Read A Book With a Slow-Burn Romance (5 books added)

Shawn Spencer and Juliet O'Hara experienced a four season slow burn before finally getting together. Read a book in honor of them.

8. You Astound Me (Shassiter) - Read a Book With Rivals to Lovers (6 books added)

If you're like me and you love Shawn's constant flirting with Carlton Lassiter, you're probably a slut for the rivals / enemies to lovers trope. Here I want you to find specifically a rivals to lovers trope.

9. Henry Spencer's Life Lessons - Read a Book With A Strained Parent/Child Relationship (7 books added)

Henry and Shawn Spencer don't have a great relationship- but it's one that goes through a lot throughout the seasons. Read a book with a complex parent/child relationship with a lot of love but a lot of anger.

10. Interim Chief Vick - Read a Book with a Pregnant Protagonist (7 books added)

Vick was an amazing Chief, and one thing I loved about her character when we met her was that she was pregnant. You can be powerful and still be pregnant, so read a story with a pregnant protagonist. Preferably one where the pregnancy is not the main focus of the story.