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Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

Welcome to ReadWhatYouOwn2021! Have a TBR that's overflowing? Some of those books on your shelves side eyeing you for the last 3, 5, 10+ years?

Join me in reading what you own! Make a goal that's true to you and bring back the joy of reading from your own library.

Complete this challenge over the course of 2021. Monthly challenges will be posted as well.
Visit @acouplereads on Instagram to join fun posts and photo challenges along with the prompts below. If you don't have a book that fits the prompt pick the closest to fit :)

Challenge prompts

1. First Book of 2021 (112 books added)

Finish your first book of 2021!

2. A Book You Didn't Get To (85 books added)

Read a book you didn't get to but wanted to read in 2020.

3. A Book That Intimidates You (54 books added)

Has there been a book on your shelf and you've been intimidated to pick up? Is it too long? Is the genre not your usual genre? Perhaps it's super hyped and you're worried it'll let you down? Now's the time.

4. Romance Or Contemporary (69 books added)

Grab a romance or contemporary off your shelf! It's waiting for you.

5. Cover With A Face On It (93 books added)

6. Longest Book You Own (41 books added)

Check those page numbers and grab that chunky book you own!

7. A Novella (61 books added)

Novellas are a great way to break up your reading. May I suggest @tordotcompub.

8. Fantasy (94 books added)

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world.

9. Read In One Sitting (74 books added)

Read a book in one sitting... okay fine you can go use the bathroom IF YOU MUST.

10. Oldest Book On Your Shelf (38 books added)

Can either be the book you've owned the longest or the book with the oldest published date.