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2024 Hugo Award Best Novel Nominees

Hosted by emilysamp

Read all nominees for the Hugo Award's best novel in 2024.

6 books | 4 participants

YA Book Prize Shortlist 2024

Hosted by toblerowl

The shortlist of the 2024 YA Book Prize. Winner will be announced on August 22nd.

10 books | 1 participant

Schneider Family Book Award Winners

Hosted by mixtercharlie

Read all the books that have the Schneider family book award (List here: https://school.teachingbooks.net/tb.cgi?wid=30)For bonus options, you can also read all the honored books as well, also listed.

63 books | 1 participant

Future "Classics" of the 21st Cenutry

Hosted by kiks12

As we are rapidly approaching the end of Q1 (or the first quarter) of the 21st century, Jack Edwards has created his take on 25 books that will be considered classics in 3024.

24 books | 16 participants

Hugo Novels 2024

Hosted by abananaquit

Read the six finalists for Best Novel for the 2024 Hugo Awards before Worldcon on August 11, 2024.https://www.thehugoawards.org/hugo-history/2024-hugo-awards/

6 books | 3 participants