Disability Reading Challenge 2021

Hosted by boneloose

70 participants, 150 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

I am a disabled/chronically ill person who has never found this aspect of myself centered in a reading challenge before, so I wanted to create one that does! I also think it will be a helpful tool for non-disabled people, since ableism and the disability experience are often left out of social justice conversations.

If you want to double up on prompts, go ahead!

Note: The word "disabled" is NOT a bad word! I actually personally find terms like "differently abled" offensive, since they indicate that acknowledging the limitations that society places on me is a bad thing that should be taboo, which I strongly disagree with. Being disabled is not a bad thing, and the first step in combatting ableism is being able to accept that with our language around it!

Challenge prompts

1. Read an #OwnVoices fiction book with a disabled main character (22 books added)

i.e. the author should have the same disability as the main character.

2. Read a fiction book with a disabled main character where ableism is NOT a prominent part of the plot (19 books added)

If ableism comes up occasionally, that's just fine, so long as it is not a defining feature of the book. Sci-fi/fantasy might have the best options for this prompt.

On the Edge of Gone by Corrine Duyvis is a great example of a book that fits this prompt!

3. Read a memoir, autobiography, or biography by or about a disabled person (31 books added)

Bonus points if they're a disabled activist, like Judy Heumann!

4. Read a nonfiction book about ableism (18 books added)

Historical or current, institutional or interpersonal, as long as it educates you about the oppression disabled people face.

6. For anyone: Read a nonfiction book by a disabled author that is NOT about disability (3 books added)

In the bonus section since I anticipate this being hard to find. Think books like A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking!

7. For disabled people: read a book featuring YOUR disability (23 books added)

Be it a main character with your disability, a nonfiction book about your disability, a memoir by someone with your disability, as long as it features it in some way, it counts!

Folks with multiple disabilities: the book only has to apply to one!

8. For disabled people: read a book with advice on how to cope with YOUR disability! (13 books added)

Examples: folks with EDS, read something like A Guide to Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type): Bending Without Breaking. Autistic folks, read something like The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide.

I'll do my best to find relevant books for a variety of disabilities and add them to this prompt page as a starting off point, but can't personally endorse any of them (haven't even read the two I mentioned here!)

Folks with multiple disabilities: the book only has to apply to one!