Silver Valkyrie's 2021 Reading Challenge

Hosted by silver_valkyrie_reads

9 participants, 128 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

 Silver Valkyrie's reading challenge is a personally curated set of prompts that are meant to be fun, quirky and challenging, while still being broad enough to fill using only books you’ll enjoy reading. If you'd like to share about your prompt choices on social media you can use #valkyriereadingchallenge and/or #valkyriereadingchallenge21

Challenge prompts

1. A book with an herb or spice in the title. (7 books added)

Pretty straightforward: basil, cinnamon, fennel, garlic, clove, etc.

2. A book where pictures are important to the reading experience OR An audio book/drama that includes sound effects. (17 books added)

Picture books and graphic novels are great choices here, but coffee table books, nonfiction books with graphs and charts and others also work. The audio version is included as an option for those who may have a difficult time with visual reading. 

3. A book set in a part of the Earth you've never been to. (32 books added)

This can be as general or specific as you like: Antarctica, Czech Republic, Texas,  Seattle, The Empire State Building...

4. A book published in a different century from the majority of your reading. (16 books added)

Advanced version: a book published before 1800. 

Also a great chance to just delve into an author's older backlist though, if you mostly read new releases!

5. A book that involves travelling through the air. (16 books added)

Options include books about birds or Superman or set on an airplane... Note that space travel does not count unless there's a take off or landing on a planet that has air. ;-)

6. A book to help improve your spiritual, mental, or physical health. (9 books added)

This covers quite a wide range, so choose wisely!

7. A book in which Blackjack or another card game is played. (7 books added)

Blackjack here is in honor of the year 2021.Fictional card games such as Dragon Poker count too!

8. A book by a neurodiverse or disabled author. (10 books added)

This prompt allows for a wide range of options from authors with autism or synesthesia, to authors who are paralyzed or have a visual disability. 

9. A book that shares a cover element with book #10. (8 books added)

Prompts 9 and 10 are a paired set. Choose two books where the covers have something in common, whether that's a font, color or an item.