Misc Book Challenge

Hosted by flowerchild_943

59 participants, 491 books added

Starts: Sunday, 15 August 2021

Ends: Monday, 15 August 2022

Wild and wacky prompts abound! This challenge is a great way to attempt to diversify your reading through the different (and some, wildly specific) prompts offered! 

Challenge prompts

1. Read a book with red letters on the title (56 books added)

Note: It can’t just be a book with a red cover, it must have a red title!

2. Read a book with a person on the cover (81 books added)

Yes, I know they can be ugly, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! It doesn’t have to be a face, it can be something like hands or feet or any other body part, it just has to clearly belong to a person! 

3. Read a book that is commonly challenged/banned (35 books added)


Here’s a master list of 100, according to the American Library Association. You can read any book on this list, whether it be Capitan Underpants or To Kill a Mockingbird. Sometimes these are classics for a reason! Don’t be afraid to dive in to a controversial choice! 

Note: Make sure to look up TW before reading books off this list!  

4. Read a book that takes place in another country. (68 books added)

Do you want to travel but don’t have the money/means to do so? Well look no further than a book set in another country. It doesn’t matter which country it takes place in, just as long as it’s not your country. 

5. Read a book from one of your least read genres (41 books added)

Look on your reading profile and find your least read genres and pick one to read a book from. You never know if you like it until you try it!

6. Read a book that isn’t in your comfort zone (45 books added)

Look at the typical length, emotions and genres you usually read and find something completely different.

You typically read books considered emotional, mysterious, and adventurous, your favorite genre is fantasy, and your average length is 500+ pages, read something completely different, like a lighthearted romance novel between 300-499.

7. Read a book with the word “book” in the title (23 books added)

Books about books… need I say more?

8. Read a book you’re terrified of. (30 books added)

It can be a long book, it can be a classic, it can be a translated work, it can be a book you know will completely destroy you, just conquer your fear and read it!

9. Read a book you think you’ll hate (43 books added)

Some of the best books I’ve ever read are ones that I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy. So pick out a book you think you won’t enjoy or maybe not as much as you hoped and read it!

10. Read a book written in multiple perspectives! (53 books added)

Multiple POV books are really fun to read. You can hear the story from several different perspectives from different characters.