21 books in 2021 #ReadingWithArnold

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Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

Welcome to Arnold the Praying Penguin's reading challenge for 2021! The idea of these prompts are to be as open and flexible as possible to fit whatever your reading preferences are - whilst pushing you just a little bit out of your comfort zone too. Also, try and make every prompt a different book!

Challenge prompts

1. A new-to-you author (5 books added)

Pick an author you've never read from before

2. A 2021 release (3 books added)

A book that has been released in 2021

3. A TBR veteran (2 books added)

A book that has been on your shelf for far too long

4. An award-winning book (3 books added)

Pick a book that has won an award... any award

5. A biography or autobiography (2 books added)

Find out more about an interesting person

6. A genre outside of your comfort zone (2 books added)

What genre do you tend to avoid?

7. A book over 500 pages (3 books added)

Pick a biiiiig book

8. A book under 200 pages (2 books added)

Just a lil book

9. A childhood favourite (1 book added)

Read a book you loved as a kid

10. A book with a disabled main character (1 book added)

Disability representation is really important!

11. An author from a country you've never been to (3 books added)

Read authors from around the world!

12. A Christian non-fiction book (1 book added)

Learn more about faith through books

13. A fiction book by a Christian author (1 book added)

How has their faith impacted their writing?

14. A book with your name on the front (1 book added)

Whether your name is in the title, or you share a name with the author/illustrator

15. A book whose cover is your favourite colour (2 books added)

The epitome of judging a book by it's cover

16. A book with an animal on the cover (1 book added)

Who doesn't love animals?

17. A book recommended by a friend (3 books added)

Yes ok you can count booktubers as your friends...

18. A book that talks about mental health (0 books added)

Could be fiction or non-fiction

19. A book with no human characters (0 books added)

Are they animals, are they aliens??

20. A book about prayer (1 book added)

We do love prayer

21. A book about penguins (0 books added)

Arnold's favourite prompt!