The Non-Fiction One 2021

Hosted by charlieeee

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Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

In my experience non-fiction is an under represented part of the book community on YouTube and Instagram. It also carries this perception that it’s boring or difficult or just not worth the time or effort.
And the absolute opposite is true.
Non-fiction opens up so many questions and avenues of exploration around topics you may never have considered before.
This reading challenge is small. We are not aiming for quantity but quality of reading and looking to expand our world view, knowledge and wisdom.
 Although these prompts are numbered, tackle them in any order you choose.

Challenge prompts

1. The Science One (30 books added)

Read a book on any science topic you’re interested in: psychology; mathematics; chemistry; the science of swearing; death; natural history; the ocean; SPACE.

It doesn’t need to be a dense academic text - anything science goes!

2. The Geography One (11 books added)

Read a book on another country - extra stars for a country outside your own continent; a place you’ve never heard of/investigated before or somewhere you want to visit

3. The Black History One (15 books added)

Read a book on any period in Black History. This can be focused on Black joy and celebration from the past (or future); the Civil Rights Movement in the USA; the Bristol Bus Boycott; Black Tudors etc.

4. The Social/Political/Economic One (49 books added)

Read any book from within this sphere. Similar to The Science One, this doesn’t need to be a heavy academic textbook. Themes could include: feminism; homelessness; racism within politics and wider society (education) etc.

5. The Indigenous People’s One (17 books added)

Read a book on an Indigenous People. This could include their history; their joys and traditions; issues they face today (including their stolen land and the impact of the climate crisis on their daily lives) or a biography of a leader/change maker. 

6. The LGBTQIA+ One (14 books added)

Read a book on LGBTQIA+ history/current affairs. This can include joy; triumphs; influences on mainstream culture; auto/biographies; memoirs; essays etc.

Borrow your read from the library! (25 books added)

Where local restrictions allow, borrow your read from the library!