Shimmering Worlds Reading Challenge

Hosted by afantasysky

76 participants, 416 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

A challenge to read and promote science fiction and fantasy books by authors of colour. 

Hosted by @afantasysky on Instagram. Share what you're reading with the hashtag #shimmeringworlds.


1. One book can only count for one prompt

2. All books must be science fiction or fantasy

3. All books must be written by authors of colour

Challenge prompts

1. A book set on Earth (97 books added)

Dystopians, historical fantasy, far future sci fi, contemporary fantasy or anything you want set on earth.

2. A book featuring robots/AIs (30 books added)

Killer robots, friendly assistants,  ominous machine intelligences and more.

3. A graphic novel (31 books added)

Any graphic novel written or illustrated by people of colour.

4. A book featuring special powers (51 books added)

Magic, mutants, superheroes and more. If anyone has powers it counts!

5. A book with travel between worlds (23 books added)

Portal fantasies, parallel worlds or space travel - what will you pick?

6. A book with an LGBTQIA+ protagonist (41 books added)

So many fabulous books, so many different experiences. 

7. A book written over 20 years ago (17 books added)

We've gotten more diversity recently but that doesn't mean there was no one writing before. There's some fantastic books worth looking at. 

8. A book with gods (33 books added)

Benevolent or vengeful,  distant or meddling, what will you find?

9. An anthology of stories (25 books added)

Lots of stories! Lots of authors! Lots of fun!

10. A book set in space (23 books added)

Spaceships, aliens, stars and the vast expanse of space.

11. A book translated from another language (27 books added)

Someone loved it enough to write AND someone loved it enough to translate. All that effort,  all for you.

12. A book with dragons (18 books added)