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Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

Thank you so much for your participation in my previous challenge #QueerBookFun2021! For 2022, we're continuing the fun!

The goal: to read books that feature and focus on LGBTQ+ characters and stories, and share these with others. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new 2022 release or a backlist title. As long as it highlights and/or celebrates stories and experiences from the queer community, it is welcome!

For the prompts, we have a book bingo that will help you better target/choose your reads, plus look out for twists, instead of keywords there are icons in the bingo!  You'll notice that our book bingo doesn't only feature keywords anymore, it also features icons! These icons represent a genre or a theme which you can use to find your next your queer reads. For example the swords icon can represent a queer fantasy novel, and the drag queen icon can represent books about drag. (Bonus if you match the genre/theme of the icon to the various Pride flag colors it represent! For example, the "swords" icon matches the Asexual flag/Asexual rep.) 

We also have a reading template, so you can share your reviews/recommendations on Instagram!

For more details, check my blog post here:  

Challenge prompts

1. Swords icon (80 books added)

Can represent a fantasy novel and/or a book with asexual rep as the icon in the bingo has the colors of an Asexual Pride flag

2. Ace-spec MC (59 books added)

3. Enemies to lovers (48 books added)

4. Pan MC (34 books added)

5. Poetry book icon (41 books added)

  Can represent a novel-in-verse/poetry collection 

6. Lesbian MC (126 books added)

7. Spaceship icon (49 books added)

  Can represent a science fiction novel, SFF, or any space-related novel

8. BIPOC Lead (127 books added)

9. Loud and Queer icon (101 books added)

Can represent any book that features loud and queer MCs and/or a book with bi/pan rep as the icon in the bingo has the colors of both flags 

10. Disabled/neurodivergent MC (74 books added)