2022 Clear Your TBR! (Monthly Challenge)

Hosted by jamiejanae_6

81 participants, 563 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

One new prompt every month to help inspire/motivate you to tackle that never ending TBR. 
No Rules. Add as many books as you want to each prompt. I plan on adding books that I already own, but you can approach this reading challenge in any way you choose. 

Challenge prompts

1. January- Reading Rainbow (89 books added)

Let’s start this off easy! 
Read a book that has your favorite color(s) on the cover. 

2. February- Dust on the Cover (66 books added)

Pick a book that you’ve had on your TBR for OVER a year. 
A physical copy collecting dust on your bookshelf or a digital one hanging out in your kindle library - stop passing that book up already! 

3. March- “ I want to read the book first” (57 books added)

Read a book that is going to be/has already been made into a TV show/movie. 

4. April- Judge a book by its cover (66 books added)

Pick a book because the cover was 😍
Pick a book because the cover was 🧐
Beautiful, boring, intriguing? 
Maybe it was the title that caught your eye

5. May- 20th Century Read (53 books added)

Read a book published before Jan 1st, 2000
Pick a book written before you were born 

6. June- Jane Doe (46 books added)

Read a book that was completely unknown to you before it found its way onto your TBR. You didn’t know the author, you didn’t recognize the cover, it wasn’t hyped on BookTok/Bookstagram. 

7. July- Secondhand Score! (38 books added)

Read that book you found secondhand.
Support your local thrift! Find a charity book sale! 

8. August- Dog Days of Summer (29 books added)

Find an end of summer read. 
Pick a book with “Summer” in the title, a beach on the cover, set during summertime, or just a book you want to read this summer 🤷‍♀️

9. September- Bon Voyage (32 books added)

Read a book about another place or time , a different culture or community, a new skill or hobby.
Point is to diversify your TBR, leave your comfort zone, learn something new. 
All genres welcome

10. October- Fright Fest (34 books added)

Read a book that scares you!
You can take this one literally or interpret it another way. 
Maybe you’re scared to start a book because it’s 500+ pages?
A non fiction book on global warming ?
Let’s tackle our fears together.