Read Disabled 2024

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Starts: Monday, 01 January 2024

Ends: Wednesday, 01 January 2025


The goal of this challenge is to diversify your reading this year with disability representation by reading 12 books with disability rep—that’s one book per month.
However, you know yourself best, and the aim of this challenge is accessibility. If you don’t read that many books, feel free to use one book for multiple prompts.

You are not required to read #ownvoices books for this challenge, but I do encourage you to seek out books by disabled authors when you can. We are the best at telling our own stories, and there are nuances to the disabled experience that only disabled authors can understand.

And of course, audiobooks, graphic novels/manga, novellas, poetry collections, and short stories all count towards this challenge. If it exists on Storygraph, you can log it.

Thank you so much for participating—I can’t wait to see what you read!

Challenge Prompts