LGBTQ+ tropes myth busted

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🏳️‍🌈I cannot keep reading the same Queer tropes occasionally with a magic or sci-fi twist. I need to diversify my LGBTQ+ reading and if you feel the same then please follow along.🏳️‍🌈

📚This is an intersectional book challenge which encourages readers to pick books by QTIPOC. For each prompt I'd strongly encourage you to pick an own voices author for better representation. 📚

⌛There is no time limit on this challenge, it started as a way for me to track my reading but now with so many books added I want it to be a reference page for those seeking to widen their reading ⌛

💫If you have any issues with the challenge my Instagram is @Autumnal_Daydreams💫

Challenge prompts

1. L - Historians “ they were BEST friends” (39 books added)

A book by a historical lesbian author 

2. G - Don’t bury your gays (76 books added)

A book with a gay couple where no one dies

3. B - Moons have phases bisexuals don’t (69 books added)

A book with a bisexual protagonist who isn't a woman with magical powers

4. T - Gender Euphoria (60 books added)

A book with trans gender characters which are loved & accepted (own voices)

5. T - Non-binary babes from this planet (47 books added)

A book with a non-binary character who isn't from outer space

6. Q - Queer as folk (20 books added)

A book by a queer or 2spirit indigenous author (own voices)

7. Q - Not another YA questioning arch (39 books added)

A book about an adult coming out story 

8. I - Every body is beautiful (18 books added)

A book with an intersex character (own voices)

9. A - You're absolutely Ace (34 books added)

A book featuring an person of colour who identifies on the ace spectrum

10. A - Allyship isn’t just for straight people during Pride (71 books added)

A book by a QTIPOC author (Queer, Trans, Intersex, Person of Colour)