Runalong the Shelves TBR Reduction Book Challenge

Hosted by shanaqui

61 participants, 595 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

This is a challenge to help track progress in the annual TBR reduction challenge from Runalong the Shelves. See the post here!


1 – It applies to your TBR pile as per 23.59 31/12/2021 no new books post this date can be used (but of course you can add more to your TBR piles I am not cruel)
2 - If you are a book blogger no ARCs! Sorry, but this to cut down your own self-induced TBR.
3 – You can do one a month (or more if you fancy my stretch goals) but you only have to do twelve in a year and while I am applying some very loose monthly themes. You could do this in a sprint or just when you feel like "

Challenge prompts

1. January: Most recent book you got (57 books added)

"I give you permission to read the most recent book you got on top of your TBR. For many this is one we only get to read eventually but for now I want you to pick up the newest book in Mount TBR and read it. Can you remember the last time you did that?"

1. January Stretch Goal: Read the oldest book in Mount TBR (38 books added)

"It's waited long enough!"

2. February: A book by an author you love that you were saving for later (52 books added)

"Is there that book by an author you love you picked up and still haven’t read because you do not deserve it just yet? Other items got in the way? You have for this challenge to pick that book up and read it "

2. February Stretch Goal: A book that was a gift from a loved one (37 books added)

"In Mount TBR you may have got a present from a loved one, friend or family member and still not read it. Pick one and read it"

3. March: An author you've never read before (63 books added)

" For the beginning of Spring I want you to open a book in the TBR pile by an author you’ve never read before"

3. March Stretch Goal: A book with a big battle in it (25 books added)

"March is named after Mars, so genre fans find a book that very likely has a big battle in it be it in space, our world or a secondary world.  Non-genre fans look for a book about a conflict be that a dilemma, family feud etc"

4. April: First book of a series (50 books added)

"April is derived from the Latin for ‘to open’ In Mount TBR there may be the first book of a series. Your challenge is to read it"

4. April Stretch Goal: Finish a series you started (31 books added)

"as there is an Easter break in this month finish a series you started in one month or if you prefer the remainder of the year"

5. May: A random book from your TBR (33 books added)

"You MAY pick one random book out of Mount TBR and you must read it"

5. May Stretch Goal: Read something green-themed (18 books added)

"May was named after Maia the goddess who looked after plants. Find a book with a suitable green subject be it name, setting or theme"