50 Backlist Books in 2022

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Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

Inspired by jorvikreads's "100 Backlist Books in 2022" challenge! This is just a smaller version for those of us that read slowly and can't reach 100. Taken with permission from jorvikreads! 

Taken for jorvikreads's challenge description:

If you're like me and have a GIGANTIC TBR full of amazing backlisters, this could be the 2022 challenge for you.

I love reading challenges - they keep me motivated throughout the year and make me excited to keep picking up books. But, some of the challenge prompts are so specific that I find myself buying/borrowing more books to fill the prompts, and my glorious TBR books get put on the backburner (yet again). Or, I get to the end of the year and realize just how many new releases I've read! It leaves me wondering whether I'll ever get around to some of those backlist books I've been meaning to read. 

In 2022 I am challenging myself to read 50 books that I already own. These can be ANY 50 books (published before the 1st of January 2022), but if you struggle (like me) to pick your next read, some of the spaces will have suggestions to prompt your selections. 

If you are a sensible human WITHOUT a giant TBR, you can still do this challenge. 

2022 is the year of the backlist! Say yes to ignoring those shiny new releases, saving money, and shopping your shelves to spotlight the amazing reads that have been hiding in plain sight! 

Challenge prompts

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How about a book you swore you'd read last year, and never got around to? 

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How about that next book in a series you've been putting off for no good reason? 

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Maybe pick up another book by an author you've previously admired?