A review by samhita
Roman and Jewel, by Dana L. Davis


Huge thank you to Turn the Pages Tours and Inkyard Press for sending me this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

this review is going to be a little short but i’ll have the full review up on my blog soon :)

I really wanted to like this book. I mean, the whole concept of it sounded so exciting when i first read the summary, which is why i was so excited to have gotten the arc for this book. Unfortunately, that excitement was short lived.

Personally, I felt that the summary was pretty misleading. I was expecting something completely different and while I didn’t totally hate what I got instead, I really wasn’t a huge fan.

I think the major reason for my rating would have to be the romance. It’s a book that has broadway as the backdrop so I was expecting a little bit more of a slow burn romance. I didn’t like the insta-love i was given instead. I mean yeah, i’m not a huge fan of that trope but if it’s not to annoying, i can usually get behind it. I couldn’t get behind this one. At all.

I liked the female lead in the first few chapters. But after the first few interactions with the love interest, i honestly felt exhausted reading about her. The fact that she basically declared him the love of her life within an hour of meeting him just seemed unrealistic to me. I didn’t really like the love interest either.

However, the side characters were great. I’m talking about Judas and Aunt Karla, obviously. Cinny and her repellant personality don’t exist in my mind. I also loved the Broadway references throughout the book and how passionately the main character talks about her love of the arts. I think that’s what really made the book for me.

I really wish I loved it though. There were just some stuff I couldn’t overlook.

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