A review by mademoisellebookish
Below Northern Lights by Ashlee Cowles


Beneath Wandering Stars is one of my favourite contemporary novels that I read this year. When I heard about Below Northern Lights I was highly anticipating its release. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author for an honest review.

This book follows the story of Lucas, a nine-teen year old Army veteran and his sister Gabi Santiago taking a journey across Scotland to find Seth before he jeopardizes his military career. Along the way they meet Skye Reid, a War veteran with a haunting past.

Lucas is figuring out how to go on with his life following his injury that left him in a wheelchair. Skye has a prosthetic leg. Both of them are trying to navigate through their pasts. I liked that even though Skye was the love interest she had her own story to tell.

This is a great story about self discovery, knowing what you’re capable of and leaves you with a feeling of hope. It includes romance, action and elements of Scottish history. It’s a light, and enjoyable read. I recommend it.

If you’re a Gabi and Seth fan, fear not, you’ll be happy to see them here.