A review by gillyreads
Top End Girl, by Miranda Tapsell

emotional hopeful informative inspiring medium-paced


I really enjoyed reading this. I don't often read memoirs but I really like Miranda Tapsell's work, Top End Wedding is one of my favourite movies, and I also especially like her podcasts.
Miranda Tapsell has a friendly,  conversational voice that tells a great story. She is very funny. It really felt like you were sitting down and listening to her tell you about how her wild year of filming Top End Wedding (and getting married herself) went. I think she did a really good job of framing the story of that year in the context of her life as a Larrakia Tiwi woman living in so-called Australia, and I found her insights into the Australian film and TV industry extremely interesting.  She doesn't shy away from hard realities, the overall feel of the book is happy. Even though it doesn't solve all our country's problems, she's managed wonderful success, in spite of incredible barriers, and it should be celebrated.