A review by aliceyy
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge


Short and sweet, Cruel Beauty had me sucked in from the very first few pages. The world is quite easy to get used to (for a fantasy at least, it's a pretty simple world), since it's a short book. There aren't too many characters, so it wasn't overwhelming. It's somewhat a retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast' but not really - just the idea of a girl stumbling across a 'beast/demon' I guess with a complicated past.

Because Nyx has been told when she was young that she would grow up to marry the demon prince in order to avenge her deceased mother, she went through an intense struggle between falling for Ignifex (the demon prince) and sticking to the revenge plan. So the insta love wasn't THAT OBVIOUS. But it /is/ a young adult novel, and it's marketed as romance, so insta love can only be expected. But yes because it's a short book, I mean, the romance had to develop kinda quickly or then they won't be able to get together in time for the climax to happen.

I think it's a really well done book for what it is - a fantasy, romance young adult novel. You shouldn't expect anything super complicated, or deep, or life changing because it's just not meant to be. This was exactly the type of book I was in the mood for after a REALLY LONG book, so I finished it really quickly, because the fast plot development is JUST WHAT I NEEDED. So I really liked it, and I would definitely read more of [a:Rosamund Hodge|6474354|Rosamund Hodge|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1362755691p2/6474354.jpg] because her writing style also was to my liking.