A review by danlewisfw
Mind Bullet by Jeremy Robinson


I enjoyed this book but I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not just read a couple of books that absolutely hit it out of the park. This book has a fun sassy AI and while its a good character, Compared to Skippy in Columbus Day by Craig Alanson its not as good. That's not really fair to this book since it was the book I read immediately before this one. and I have started the sequel so I have that extremely fresh in my mind. Skippy is the very best sassy AI I have ever read.

There were some things in this that I thought were fantastic, a few things I did not care for but overall I am glad that I read it. Its my first Jeremy Robinson book and it sounds like I will see many of these characters in his other books. The thriller aspect of the book was really good, there was a nice mystery about his parents and so overall it was a very enjoyable book.