A review by theespressoedition
Lovely War, by Julie Berry


I want to begin by saying that if you decide to read this book, definitely check out the audiobook version of it. There's a full cast with a brilliant performance and original music. It's captivating and beautiful.

I don't enjoy historical fiction. I often find it uninteresting and slow. What I do like, however, is Greek mythology - so the fact that the narrators of this tale are Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, and Hades (as well as Hephaestus being thrown in there on occasion) had me totally intrigued. I wasn't sure how their voices would play into the World War timeline, but it was spectacular.

The characters are so lovable and intricate. Their stories made me angry and mournful, joyful and excited, and a whole other range of emotions throughout. I was constantly wanting only the good to happen, though I knew it wouldn't always be the case - since it was during the war.

If you're looking to be introduced into historical fiction, or you just want some grand love stories, I highly recommend this book. It was spectacular.