A review by booktalkwithrae
American Panda, by Gloria Chao


Wow. This was a surprising read for me!

As a person who doesn’t usually enjoy contemporary reads I really enjoyed this one!

If you like When Dimple Met Rishi or From Twinkle with Love by Sandya Menon you will enjoy this.

If follows the similar storyline of struggling identity. An American teenager struggling with her parents heritage and her American heritage and following what her parents want for her but trying to find balance in what she wants herself.

I must admit, my love for Asian history/culture/ language probably plays a part as to why I enjoyed this book so much. But none the less it was amazing seeing two sides of the debate. One side being Mei wanting to achieve her own dreams and ambitions and her parents wanting her to follow the plan the made for her. I often found myself flipping back in forth with “that’s a good point” despite rooting for Mei throughout the story.

I thought it enjoyed the ending and how it wasn’t a complete happily ever after (you’ll understand what I mean if you read it).

Very easy, light, fun contemporary read. And I felt like this snowy snowy day was the perfect day to read it 😊

The audio book was very well done as well 😊