A review by nfletchwilliams
Hook, Line, and Sinker, by Tessa Bailey


I dnf'd about 2/3 of the way through. I just lost interest.
The book is heavily introspective, but in a way that felt repetitive and boring. I don't mind heavy introspection. I also thought Book Lovers had a lot of introspection but I loved Book Lovers.
I was mostly excited about the potential love triangle between Fox, Hannah and Sergei but Hannah basically did a complete 180 the second she meets Fox because he's super hot. So all the tension there was lost.
The characters act in the weirdest ways. Hannah around page 150, does something *very* intimate in front of Fox, where Fox is saying some cringey-ass lines. Then they basically go back to normal like nothing happened.
It felt like I was just reading filler, so I got bored.