A review by jeremyfee
Welcome Descent by Cam Wolfe


As a fan of Cam Wolfe's Youtube channel (Page Nomad) about writing, I was looking forward to reading this book and was glad that I preordered it so I could read it as soon as it was out.

This book had a spectacular ending. Despite the protagonist being a drunk jerk most of the time, I found myself actually liking the character. I enjoyed the book being setup to cause me to question what was really going on, whether it was just some crazy horror story or if there was some dark magical fantasy element happening in the world. The storm symbolism was a bit on the nose, but I liked it.

My only issue with the book was that, as an American, I didn't realize that the British style of writing used apostrophes instead of quotation marks around dialogue, and that caused me some confusion when I started reading the book. I went online and looked it up though, and it made sense. I was just surprised to get a book in the United States that used the British style for dialogue and it took my brain a minute to get used to it.