A review by gumihoreviews
We Are the Origin by C.M. Lockhart


Content: violence, murder

When the sword has wrath by its side, there’s no stopping her.

We Are the Origin by C. M. Lockhart is the first in the Wrath of the Gods Series and was an intense and in your face bombass story! Brandi, the sword of the Gods, was nothing more than a killer. All she knew was fulfilling her purpose, which was to kill whoever she was told, with no question. Until, one day, she was told by another God, Freya, to protect the one person she’s supposed to kill. Can she fulfill her purpose, create a new one or perish in the process?

I was hooked from the start! The prologue was so juicy with a combination of chaos, a story within a story, and a cool way to introduce a lot of exposition. It felt like it could easily become a movie or show. I got so excited to find out what happened next and ended up reading the whole thing way faster than expected. It just kept getting better and better.

I loved that it was not a typical heroine with that run of the mill niceness. We got to see a blatant character being as vicious as she was meant to be. So cool! It is refreshing to see these types of characters from time to time and still be able to root for them and their journeys. Thank you for bringing Brandi into our world! I highly recommend you experience the wrath of Brandi and dive into her world.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was that it was over so soon! I can’t wait for the next novel to come out! The “to be continued” hit me hard!

If you love a powerful, savagely hardcore heroine of color, with a mix of Gods and an awesome fantasy adventure, then this is for you! Expect the unexpected.

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*This was an honest review for a complimentary copy of We Are the Origin from C. M. Lockhart via Cocoa Chapters