A review by carlgunter
Unanimity, by Alexandra Almeida


Enjoyed the multiple POVs and seeing each character from different perspectives. I related to Tom/Shadow right from the start. Having lived through depression and being a person who is, in general, an idealist, his journey felt real, even if there is more of it to come. Second to me were Storm and Thorn. There is something about their rage that reflects the times we live in now. I want to see more of Thorn's arc going forward, but that is clearly planned given the preview of book 2. I have to say, Stella is super annoying, in an entertaining way, and I laughed every time I was in her head. I look forward to more prick and preppy confrontations and more? The worlds are vast, loved what I saw, want too see more. Thank you SFBookClub for a copy of the book.