A review by blodeuedd
Alien Education, by Gini Koch


Kitty does deal with a new scary big bad here, PTA. Dang those women, well woman ;), are scary!

One thing that I am very happy that have changed is that there were less music talk. 500+ pages of constant music references can be tiresome so this book was a total improvement.

Right, to the book then! Book 15, omg I know! When did that happen? Did I not just start reading these?! Now she has 2 kids and her husband is president. And she has a lot more animals ;)

There is always something bad coming. It's like you take down one tentacle and then 2 more come out. Arms that sends out robots, aliens, you never know who to trust. And then there are those stupid Humans first idiots too. They hate all aliens and want them gone.

And then there was the PTA at the new school Jamie is going too. That will give her some trouble too, but then when is Kitty not in trouble? Luckily she is kick-ass and has great friends.

Action, aliens and I need another A! I can't think of a good ending. Dang. Lol.
I read it fast. It felt light and fun.