A review by annabithebook
Vespertine, by Margaret Rogerson


This book is more of a 3.5 but when pressed, I had to round down. I really struggled with this book. I am a massive Margaret Rogerson fan but this book felt simultaneously rushed and not developed far enough. It struggles with the "dropped in the world no backstory" which usually authors will creatively find ways to provide the background as you go along. I felt like the world/mythos was seemingly too massive to weave in this way and it left me feeling very confused and not clear on how all of it works together. I feel like this rating might improve upon a re-read, however, I don't have the motivation to read it again. The ending didn't leave me wanting more and therefore I'm not even excited/looking forward to the next one, sadly. There were moments where Rogerson's writing shone and the connections/depth/character development were incredible. But where the characters shone, the plot suffered. The revenant was, by far, the standout superstar of this novel, he gets 5 stars. Caitlin Davies brought these Characters to life brilliantly and I love her narration style!