A review by paulweymouth
Mind the Gap #01, by Rodin Esquejo, Sonia Oback, Jim McCann


I liked this first issue of Mind the Gap quite a bit. It is basically a mystery about who attacked a character, Elle Peterssen. Elle is currently in a coma from the attack but we get in her mind space and learn more about this story. We also see a cast of characters that are connected to Elle visiting her in the hospital but there is a lot of drama in the Peterssen family and around Elle in general. One of these people is the individual that attacked Elle.

I am definitely going to be continuing this series. It is being added on Comixology Unlimited in a few days and I'll want to check out the first volume. I want to see if the quality carries over to the next issues. I got this Image first copy for only $1 at the comic store and I highly recommend a try for only $1. The art is decent but nothing spectacular. I think it has some odd skin tones but I'm not a huge fan of a lot of comic book's skin tones because knowing light sources and highlights is something very few artists are gifted with. Anyway, good first issue, really liked it. I almost gave it a 4.