A review by kim_j_dare
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater


Oh my goodness... such a compelling and evocative story. The island of Thisby is a hard and lonely place most of the year, but in October, things heat up for the annual Scorpio Races along the dangerous shorelines. More than a horse race, this is the island's celebration of mastering the capaill uisce-- the bloodthirsty water horses that can occasionally be lured from the sea. There is plenty of fight-to-the-death action, as riders and their mounts prepare for the annual November 1 race, but the real story is about so much more: family and love and not backing down from what you believe in. Stiefvater's pacing is impeccable as she draws readers in to Puck's and Sean's developing relationship. Beautifully written: read it, read it, read it.