A review by snakeboba
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien


I, without a doubt, enjoyed reading this far more than the movie (don't get me wrong I do like the movie).

Not only do I like the adventure which turned into several mini-quests it seemed before they ever got to where they needed to be, but the overall writing style is stunning. Actually wished I had read Tolkien was it was offered to me a decade ago; however, it wasn't the time I suppose.

I like how all the characters are well fleshed out even if they have their similarities they are each their own. I am perfectly pleased to state I am a Hobbit if anyone was ever one because even I would've longed for home on such a journey as Mr. Bilbo.

I would say give this a try if you're a reader and enjoyed the movie or you're into high fantasy.