A review by poisonivy70
Obsidian: Last Chapter in Daemon's POV, by Jennifer L. Armentrout



This book gave me some feels. Mostly anger, then some shock, swerving straight into OMG I need the next book. It’s the book equivalent of a slap kiss.

Which is pretty much what I wanted to do to Daemon for the majority of this story. Ok, not so much kiss as slap upside the head, but you get my meaning. Quickshot - Katy moves to this tiny town in West Virginia with her mother after her dad dies, and she moves in next door to a mysterious set of twins, Dee and Daemon. Dee loves her and Daemon is a jackass. He does all he can to push Katy away, but she pushes back, all the while strange things start happening. When dangerous things keep happening to Katy, Daemon and Katy find themselves spending more and more time together, and yep, you guessed it - romance stops and starts but eventually...wait, I can’t even say it’s a full romance but something is there and it’s going to make you want to know more even if you think “I’ve seen this before, perhaps with sparkles and vampires, but different.” I know, I know. I can’t help it.

I’m super intrigued by the worldbuilding, but it’s the push-pull between Daemon and Katy that, not gonna lie, angers me yet sucks me into romances. Daemon is straight up jerk for a portion of this program, and the flashes of his soft side and the potential for him, irritated me yet I know it’s a hook I can’t help falling for, each time. I completely sympathize with Katy, because a) #booknerdlove, and b) she’s coping with alot of changes as best as she can. Can she be a bit too self-deprecating, and oblivious to her own attractiveness? Yes. Does that frustrate me? Yes. But she starts to stand up for herself, she resists the urge to just let him steamroll over her, and I found myself wanting to know what’s next. So I have to give props to Ms. Armentrout for that. The turn happened at just the right time before I wanted to give up, and while I do think there's the possibility that the overarching storyline (what is going on with the Arum and DOD) could fall by the wayside in support of the romance, and I may be begging for a good edit of the overall story, I think the lure of of what happens next is too strong for me to deny at this point.

Yes, it’s got a itty bitty bit of a cliffhanger (which I still hate with the heat of a thousand suns), BUT there’s still a sense of resolution to this chapter while leaving threads to weave the next, which I truly did appreciate.

So now I’m torn. Do I just be grateful to knock this off my Mountain, or do I do the opposite and add the other four books of the series to it? Decisions, decisions….and that’s the mark of a good story, if it’s making me want to keep going. If you like YA leaning NA paranormal romances with two leads who are drawn like magnets? You may enjoy this.


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