A review by mckitterick
The Changeling Plague, by Syne Mitchell


This book is hugely page-turning, insightful about gene- and DNA-therapy, has great characters, questions morality, and examines how humanity might face not only extinction but also self-imposed evolution. It's also scary as hell. Mitchell uses believable science to offer a glimpse into how genetic treatments (or biological warfare) could destroy - or transform - humanity. At the time I read this, I wrote "Either I'm behind on keeping track of the evolution of cyberpunk or the story here is a fresh one: Hackers get involved in genetic coding when a tailored plague threatens to wipe out humanity. If they are skilled at hacking computer code, why not the code that determines who we are? This moment of recognizing what feels like literary evolution in the genre delighted some part of my mind."

I highly recommend the book.