A review by loiereads
Signal to Noise, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia


3.5 stars.
Signal To Noise is a magical-realism novel about three “uncool” friends, Meche, Sebastian and Daniela, who happen to stumble upon the fact that music has magical powers. With these magical powers, the three teenagers start imagining a better world where they can alter their problems and get whatever they want, thinking that magic is the answer to everything. However, as the story progresses, we begin to see that perhaps the magic is too strong and dangerous for the teenagers to handle.
I was intrigued by the magic-realism aspect. I haven’t read too much magic-realism in my time and so I thought it would be a good experience to explore into something that I haven’t got a lot of experience in. 
The book is classed as a novel for YA readers, but as I got to about halfway through, I started to feel that it was trying to target an older audience. It doesn’t feel like your typical YA novel while reading.
I actually disliked Meche’s character a lot. I felt as though she were too cold, arrogant and stubborn. If I had a friend that acted like Meche, you can bet that they wouldn’t be my friend for long. I feel as though the book slightly endorses unhealthy and toxic friendships.
It was a good read that helped me to view the magical-realism genre a bit more, but it wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read. At only 272 pages, it was quite easy to sit down with and gently read through, but only about 30% of the book was thoroughly enjoyable for me.
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