A review by taaya
Tagebuch eines Buchhändlers, by Shaun Bythell



I usually like biographies or memoirs of people owning a book shop. But this was spectacularly redundant. And, between the lines, rather ableist. While I can understand his hatred of e-readers and can accept that as a non-disabled person he has NO idea how important they are for making books accessible, but his childish happiness about making a person who doesn't like to be touched feel bad by hugging them ... Yeah, don't EVER do that without permission. It might lead to a person needing DAYS to recover, because for some people that is a huge issue. 

And somehow he seems to still have the humour of a five year old, judging by the book titles he thinks are worth mentioning or even funny.

So ... not a book for me. Especially since the few interesting things that could come up never DO come up or get answered, like: 
- Why does a person who HATES people that much owns a book shop where he was to meet people? 
- How is it possible that a person who HATES people that much has so many friends and surrounds himself with people who obviously hates even when the shop is closed?

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