A review by jodeezle
Back in the Burbs by Tracy Wolff, Avery Flynn


This book was great.
I fell in love with Nick at his first 'you need to mow the lawn'.
Mallory is a recently separated and on her way to being divorced. She has inherited a house from her aunt Maggie which comes at just the right time, as she has been staying with her parents. When she gets to her aunts house it's not quite what she was expecting, but like her with time she will have both her life and the house under control.
Nick is her neighbor, across the street, who was friends with her aunt. He was there for her aunt when Mallory wasn't. He offers to help her when it comes to cleaning out the house and on her divorce. As they grow closer their relationship changes. The question is, is Mallory able to move past her horrible ex-husband who treated her terrible and took advantage of her. It's going to take someone special to show her that not all men, especially if they are attorneys like her ex-husband, are as dumb and horrible as her ex.
This book was a wonderful fast read. I picked it because of the cover and because I have loved every book that Avery Flynn has written. This book, although not hers alone, did not disappoint. This is a book that everyone should read. It has everything, family issues, romance, self realization and long grass. It was funny and there was even a point where I was glad I was reading on my nook. Because had I been reading a paperback I would have thrown the book.
I will definitely be recommending this to my friends.