A review by craftyerin
My Storied Year, by Katie Proctor, Twyla Beth Lambert


Dragon is 7th grader struggling with learning disabilities, poverty, an abusive past, and a present that borders on neglect. He struggles to fit in with his classmates, worries about his home life, and is frustrated by the difficultly he has in school--except for writing.

In this beautiful middle grade debut by (my friend!) Katie Proctor, Dragon finds himself supported and loved well by his teachers, administrator, classmates, and family. His English teacher coaches him to use writing to connect with his mom and work through some of the trauma in his past.

This book is not all roses! Dragon is accurately depicted as angry and explosive, even at times destructive. His dirty clothing and perceived stupidity make him a target of bullying. But Dragon grows throughout the novel, and will certainly capture your heart as he does so.

My own 12yo son is dyslexic and has been so excited to read Katie's book when it came out. I chose to read it myself first, but now I cannot WAIT to share it with him. I suspect it will be a new favorite.